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Anti Cancer Food that help to reduce cancer risk


Anti Cancer Food that help to reduce cancer risk

Cancer is vital disease, if happen to our body which leads lots of money to treat  else if will leads us to death in smaller period of time. So here is discussed about some food which will prevent to be victimized from cancel cell development, and stop development of cancer cell even after it is depeloped inside our body


1.       Tomatoes – Carotenoid Elements found in tomatoes help to stop cancer cell growth

2.       Garlic – Garlic empower the body cell to fight against cancer cell,

3.       Dark Green leaves – Contain Chlorophyll which is the sources of magnesium. When there is proper level of magnesium in body, Cancer cell is always weaken.

4.       Fatty acid – Fatty acid plays vital role to eliminate the cancer cell in our body. Its found in bean, fish

5.       Broccoli – Sulfurfen found in Broccoli reduce the hormone in body which provoke the  the cancer cell  

6.       Small Sized Fruits – All small sized fruits like Grapes, kiwi,

7.       Walnuts – Phytosterols elements found in walnuts help to stop the growth of cancel cell