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Pension on retirements without government job

Pension on retirements without government job When we get old neither our mind nor our body support us, whom we work and earn for life even they take us as burden, in such situation only things help us is - monthly income as pension Currently if we are serving job where we get pension from after our retirement, what if we have no any option for pension ?? Here are some idea and things we should consider 1. It does not matter how much you earn, It matters how much you save 2. Early you start early you will get, Start deposit for retirement pension plan, there are lots of option 3. Try to maintain enough bank balance either selling fixed assets before your kids are grown up and get married. 4. Don’t delay to start such work which wills inflow monthly income in your old age. 5. Focus on such work which work will lead your continuous income even you sleep. Like several work from internet earning as per your knowledge