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Lose Belly fat and get slim

Lose Belly fat and get slim It is the story and guidance based on my experience and research based on I became able to lose my more than 20 Kgs. Weight with big pumpkin shaped stomach to completely well-shaped I would not like to talk more and take your precious time and would like to assure you 100% do as I said and see the amazing result within the month as I got. A. Dieting and Food – Since Dieting and food plays a vital role in losing fat following points with our daily diet should be cared for. 1. Never eat too much. Always eat with a desire still you need more to eat. 2. Morning more – day less and night lesser food. Eat a minimum of 3 hours prior to bed. 3. As soon as you woke up drink half to 1-liter Lukewarm water 4. Never Driver Cold Water. Always drink Lukewarm water even if you are feeling hot -Most important 5. Give priority for low-fat food B. Exercise – after diet we need to be careful with the exercise which will add scent on gold. We need to have hard exercise so here some simple equipment less exercise which we can perform anywhere as per our comfortability 1. Plank - lay your body down straight on the support of ankle and feet top and try to hold it up to 30-second initially. and possible twice a day. Really it works amazingly for burning your belly fat and figure out body shape.