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Depression and anxiety self-remedy

Depression and anxiety self-remedy Here is a simple and self-experienced remedy – I assure you that your more than 70% remedy will be inside this article, when you go through and finish reading this article, I am sure you will be 50% almost recovered from it. In today world, most of the people are being of depression and tensions, even from young to old everyone is being victimized by Depression, anxiety and tensions, There is a saying – More we get, the more we suffer, the more fame, success, prosperity you get, more you get depressed, why?? Answer is simple – humans are an unsatisfactory creature due to unlimited need and lifestyle and society; we are always afraid of what others will say? What will I do? What will happen? of course we should have such thought to grow our life but it should be positive, Here are some points to be considered to overcome depression and anxiety 1. We never see anyone else sad, rather always see yourself sad 2. Always make yourself busy for progressive work, so that you have no time to let in such depressed words in your mind 3. Do Exercise and Yoga as per schedule, and let sweat come out, since it is believed that excretion will take out our bad thought out from our body 4. As soon as suffering thought occur in your mind immediate try to replace it with something positive feelings, if it's being difficult being alone or some things then be busy with chit chat with friends and family circle, be off from place, walk around, 5. Always be happy that you have – think positive, compare you with such people are still more miserable than you, 6. Neglect/Ignore - You should have capacity of ignorance, Try to Ignore those things as much as you can, which makes you depressed, Example someone said you bad word, and it’s haunting you, remedy is ignore, - Dog is barking nearby you, - Try to ignore. Why ignore – it will never happen continuously. Such occasional matter happens in our life most of time such things should be ignored, 7. Ask Question to yourself – Who am i? So that I should be always happy, no depressed words should come to me, - Even King, President, and Prince are not free from tension, so life is full of tension and we should know how to mingle it. More prosperous we are, the more tension we have. Suicide is made more by succussed people not those one who have no time to think just attending work for their hand to mouth.