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Laptop Battery life safety | Extend Battery Life


Laptop Battery life safety | Extend Battery Life

Now a days most of us have single laptop or more, we need to care about some points which will help us to extend our laptop battery almost to double

Here are some genuine and practical points need to be considered

1.       Never let battery drain completely, it is advised to to keep battery at least of above 30% battery level

2.       if laptop is going to remain shut down for more than couple of week, be sure battery is fully charged

3.       Best work , avoid using laptop while charger is plugged in for simple low memory consumed work  like using  office software like word, excel and internet surfing,

4.       It is advised to plug in charger for high level work like high level gaming, As high level game required high level of power so some cased it can’t be enough from your battery, it effect the battery performance and life, if pressured power is consumed from battery

5.        If possible maintain proper cooling system, more battery get warm more its life is short.

6.       Often battery is charged, more it get shorten life