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Simple Tips to live 100+ years


Simple Tips to live 100+ years

Every one wish to live long and healthy. But problem is at present age its became difficult to be far from poisonous world. People are ruining people health for money and business however there is some things we can do from our side which will help us to be active and bypass the such disaster

It is said even drop of poison can be medicine means we should focus on small quantity of food intake

So here is some  points which need to consider for health and long life

1.        Focus on fruit and vegetable, if we depend upon fruit and vegetable completely help to cure disease we are suffering from helps to keep us healthy

2.       Try to avoid meat and fat, else be sure boil and wash off all the fat item from meat. Fat is the main causes of several disease like High BP, High cholesterol

3.       Never rehit oil, food fried on oil should be refried which is the main causes of high BP, Bad Cholesterol,  main reason for heart damage

4.       Food quantity should be high at morning, medium at day and  very less at night,  Even it is advised to go bed with empty stomach which is the key factor to reduce fat from our body

5.       If you are smoker, try to quit it as early as possible, after completion of 10-15 years of smoking period some type of disease start to appear and if we quit in time disease will start to heal  gradually

6.       Physical excise is must until you are sweated, sweat take out the disease from your body

7.       Yoga is must, Proper Inhalation  enrich your body with oxygen and help to eliminate your disease

8.        Avoid cold water and junk food, always take Luke warm water, since cold water either kept in freeze are cause of several disease